Pokémon Go at Proksa Park


Pokémon Go fans might be interested in going to Proksa Park, 3001 Wisconsin Avenue, on Mon. July 25 from 5-7 p.m. for an event sponsored by the Berwyn Park District, Berwyn Police Department, and Mayor Robert J. Lovero.

A multitude of Poké monsters will be active at the park, providing fans with an opportunity to catch some rare ones.

“Our 13 Poké stops will have Lure Modules activated for two hours so you can try to catch ‘em all,” according to a press release from the park district. “We will also have safety talks while playing Pokémon Go, free raffles, photo booth and more!” A Lure Module is a geographical space that varies in diameter and attracts Poké monsters to the area, according to game developer Niantic.

Since becoming available to iOS and Android users in America on July 6, the augmented reality game has taken over mainstream culture. Young adults who grew up in the nineties feel nostalgia in Pokémon Go because they now have the opportunity to find all of their favorite playing card characters all over again, only this time right here in the real world.


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