Berwyn continues ‘Nothing Like a Suburb’ marketing campaign


As a rapidly growing city, Berwyn is continuing its “Nothing Like a Suburb” marketing campaign, which is now in its tenth year.

If you have spent any time in downtown Chicago last summer, odds are you have seen a billboard that read “Berwyn – Nothing Like a Suburb.” The majority of these marketing pieces speak to the character of Berwyn’s culture that includes music, art, and acceptance, making the city of 56,000-plus a prime destination for visitors and first-time homebuyers.

The objective of the campaign remains the same, to create a driving desire for Chicago area residents to visit and live in Berwyn, according to a press release from the Berwyn Development Corporation.

“The 2016 marketing campaign will continue to raise awareness of Berwyn’s great location, remarkable bungalows and other well-built housing, nightlife and events, thriving independent business base and warm, welcoming attitude,” said Mayor Robert J. Lovero.

Jousef Mondragon, BDC Board President, added, “With its close proximity to Chicago, Berwyn is a destination that caters to urban dwellers, entrepreneurs and families alike. Berwyn is a unique city of pride and character, diverse cultural scene and Berwyn’s buzz will continue to prosper with this year’s marketing campaign.”

The 2016 campaign will include more billboards in Chicago neighborhoods, posters on the CTA, direct-to-consumer outreach through special events, and social media engagement. The campaign will operate between June and September.

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