One Dead in Berwyn Attic Fire

Photo courtesy of Suzanne Nelson via Flickr

A man in his early to mid-twenties died this morning (May 20) in an attic fire that broke out in a home on the 1800 block of Scoville Avenue, according to Berwyn Fire Chief Denis O’Halloran.

The Berwyn Fire Department responded to a heavy fire call around 1:40 a.m. Friday morning with flames emanating from the home’s highest floor. Upon arriving at the scene, firefighters made their way into the building through a window to wake up the house’s sleeping occuprants, according to a story reported by the Sun Times.

Firefighters learned that there was a man located in the attic, where it is suspected that the fire was started. According to the Berwyn Fire Department, the man was taken out of the building but later died as a result of the fire.

The case is currently under investigation; it not clear what started the fire. Investiagtors are not ruling out arson, however, it appears that it is more likely that the fire happened on accident.

Photo courtesy of Suzanne Nelson via Flickr


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