Berwyn officials limiting the number of video game cafes


An April 26 Berwyn City Council meeting determined the amount of video game cafes that will be allowed to operate in the city. Concerned residents raised awareness of the expanding businesses, and officials agreed on capping the number of video game cafes at 15.

The city of Berwyn is currently home to six video gaming lounges. Eight more similar businesses have been approved and are awaiting construction. This leaves room for only one more video gaming cafe, and the spot is highly contested, according to Berwyn’s licensing supervisor Anthony Perri.

Alderwoman of the 8th Ward, Nora Laureto, and Mayor Lovero have to lead the helm on passing the ordinance as soon as possible, said Assistant City Administrator Ruth Volbre. “I was not happy to see the cafes starting to pop up and brought it to the mayor’s attention months ago,” said Laureto. “I think that I have the most video gaming cafes of any of the wards right now.”

The new ordinance will not only cap video gaming cafes at 15 but also limit the number of gaming terminals at each location to five. The April 26 meeting also addressed that any other businesses with a liquor license looking to apply for a city gaming license need to have been open for at least one year.


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