‘Yasmina’s Necklace’ now extended through March 5


Rohina Malik’s ‘Yasmina’s Necklace’ is now extended through March 5 after receiving rave reviews from audiences and critics.

Chicago Tribune theater reviewer Kerry Reid best sums up the show as “a bait-and-switch, except what you end up catching is a lump in the throat.” ‘Yasmina’s Necklace’ is a story about an arranged marriage between Yasmina, a recent Iraqi war refugee, and Sam, a Westernized Muslim looking to escape from his heritage. Reid mentions that the show begins as a familiar comedy about grown-up immigrant children trying to assimilate without “hurting mom and dad’s feelings on darker shadings about the trauma of refugees.” The audience quickly learns that memories cannot easily be assimilated or packed away in a new country.

With the recent fears surrounding Syrian refugees, it was important for Malik to give a personal perspective on the issue rather than what we see in the media. Malik sought to engage the audience by displaying a glimpse of what life is like for a Muslim American. “People don’t hear enough from everyday practicing Muslims. We’re law-abiding citizens whose faith promotes love, compassion, and peace,” said Malik.

Catch the extended release of ‘Yasmina’s Necklace’ at the 16th Street Theater, 6420 16th St., Berwyn. Tickets are available at 16th Street Theater’s website and are expected to sell out very quickly!


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