Another Berwyn elementary school in danger of closing


With dwindling reserve funds, and no state funding for the past two years, another District 100 elementary school is in danger of shutting down.

Earlier in January, the District announced their $2 million deficit and that they would be forced to make significant cuts without state funding. One of the schools in danger of closing was Piper Elementary School, 2435 S Kenilworth Ave. The District is now weighing the cost of closing down Hiawatha Elementary School as a way to dig out from the deficit.

Children from the schools have presented ideas to help raise funding to keep the schools operating, such as bakes sales and garage sales. Many parents are concerned about the idea of more schools closing down. One parent noted the 50 Chicago Public Schools that shut down in 2013 hasn’t produced the kind of savings that were promised and is worried the situation will be similar in Berwyn.

Jane Bagus, Assistant Superintendent for Berwyn South School District 100, states that all the moves being made are being down with the kids in mind and that nothing is set in stone.


  1. Please note that the closing of Hiawatha, Piper and Lavergne are just some of the options being explored for ways to close the $2m gap that we are facing.

    I encourage you all to get involved in writing letters to our lawmakers to urge them to pass education funding reform.

    I also encourage the community– whether they have children in the schools or not- to get involved. WHEN THE SCHOOLS DON’T WORK- THE CITY DOESN’T WORK. Loss in our schools will result in loss in the community– both in lower home values and less business. Families are already leaving due to the perception that our schools are beginning to flounder.

    For more information:


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