Berwyn schools make significant cuts without state funding


Berwyn South School District 100, facing a $2 million deficit, will be forced to make significant cuts without funding from the state.

According to district officials, 47 percent of the district’s funding comes from the state. A recent 13 percent decrease in funding has forced the district to dip into their reserve funds for the past two years. Those reserve funds have run dry and district officials are now scrambling to figure out a solution. Piper Elementary School is one Berwyn school that is taking the brunt of the decrease in funding. Home to 300 students, district officials say that Piper may be forced to close down.

District board president Robert Pauly expresses his anger towards the state lawmakers, saying the district will have to make decisions that will affect students, families and the community. “These kids get the least of any children in the state of Illinois,” said Pauly, “You go to Hinsdale, those children are already receiving 25 percent more than our children.”

Aside from the cuts, the school board will attempt to piece together a passable referendum to help fund education, a similar tactic that failed two years ago.


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