Berwyn South School District 100 passes pro-trans policies

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Berwyn South School District 100 has become the first of its kind in the state of Illinois to pass a comprehensive administration policy in support of transgender students grades K-8, according to recent news article published by Windy City Media Group.

“This procedure is tailored to each student’s needs and takes into account the entire school day, including gender-specific facilities and sports teams,” according to the article.

Students who identify as non-gender conforming stand to benefit from the new curriculum which keeps every student’s social well-being in mind. Prior to the implementation of the new policy, faculty within Berwyn South School District 100 have reported instances where students asked questions that were hard to answer, such as which bathroom to use.

After Komensky Elementary School Principal Jeremy Majeski became aware of these situations, he felt inspired to make a change.

“I knew as a principal, having worked at other districts, I couldn’t safely make decisions at my school if I knew it wasn’t going to be supported by the district and school board,” said Majeski. “I went to my superintendent, Dr. Stanley Fields, and told him I’d be willing to start an LGBT task force to look at these issues in the district.”

Several people examined the policy brought forth by Majeski, including attorneys at Lambda Legal, the district attorney, specialists at Lurie Children’s Hospital, Policy and Advocacy Director Owen Daniel-McCarter, and Anthony Papini, executive director of the Illinois Safe Schools Alliance (the Alliance).

“Districts like Berwyn South School District 100 are transforming the climate for all students with their trans-inclusive administrative procedure,” said Papini. “There’s something magical about this district—the combination of inspirational students, dedicated educators, caring parents and fearless administrators and board members who worked in harmony with the Alliance and the result was transformational.

“Berwyn is truly visionary and I’m grateful that we had the opportunity to work with this fabulous district. They’re leading the way and inspiring other districts in the state to adopt similar policies and the end result is safer and affirming schools for all students.”

The policy is not meant to give special treatment to certain students, but make everyone feel comfortable when in school, and participating in activities associated with Berwyn South School District 100.



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